Get out and about - meet the locals

Ulysses Butterfly Wedgetailed Eagle

Things to do in and around Eungella:

  • First things first, pick up a copy of the "Welcome to Eungella" brochure and check out for maps and more ideas
  • Check out the spectacular views from either Peases Lookout situated on Dalrymple Heights road or the Sky Window Lookout situated on Eungella Dam road on the way to Broken River
  • View the elusive Platypus from the viewing areas at Broken River - the best times are early morning and late afternoon
  • Visit the Eungella National Park's information centre and Broken River Kiosk for local information on the many bush walks and activities available in the Eungella area. The centre is open everyday between 10am and 4pm and stocks a large and varied array of local arts and crafts
  • While at Broken River have a coffee and a bite to eat at the Platypus Lodge Restaurant and enjoy the beautiful rainforest surrounds
  • Drive through the rainforest and enjoy the breath taking scenery of the rolling hills and the old dairy farms as you make your way out to Crediton Hall situated on the upper reaches of Broken River
  • Learn to connect with horses and improve your horse handling skills at Cloudy Mountain Ranch
  • Drop in to Cloudbreak Lowlines and select an animal to take home with you, either to the paddock or the freezer
  • Pack a picnic lunch (available upon request) and have a great day out as you watch the Rainforest change to Eucalyptus Forest on your way to Eungella Dam were you can swim, fish or water ski if you are lucky enough to have brought your boat along.
  • Try your luck at the Hideaway Café where you can purchase some very unique gifts and for the select few, be invited on an oh so calming and pleasurable meander through Suzanna's fascinating garden with its many hidden surprises

Broken River Tree arch

Other favourite activities include:

  • Bird watching (download the bird list and tick them off as you go)
  • Forest Flying at Finch Hatton Gorge
  • Walking into the magnificent waterfalls at Finch Hatton Gorge
  • Watching the Platypus at Broken River
  • Bushwalking through Eungella National Park
  • Sit back on the rocks at Crystal Cascade and breathing in mother nature at her best
  • Swim in the rock pools along Broken River
  • Coffee, Tea and Scones at the Eungella Chalet as you take in the magnificent views or rolling misty clouds
  • Camp out at The Diggings, Broken River bush camp, Fern Flat, Crediton Hall or Eungella Dam
  • Hang-gliding if you have the gear, skills and licence

Hang-glider in flight Hang-glider takoff